Call it K-12 Credit for Proficiency or Proficiency-Based education or Standards-Based Education or Standards-Based Instruction & Assessment or Proficiency- Based Teaching & Learning.

Whatever you call it, this site is a one-stop clearinghouse for news and information about Proficiency-Based Education.  This revolutionary educational breakthrough has proven successful in schools in a wide variety of settings, and for its practitioners and students as beneficiaries there is no turning back.

The core concept is to free students from the prison of time so they can all learn:

Old school – Time was the constant, Learning was the variable.
New school – Learning is the constant, Time is the variable.

Moving from lecture-paced, time-based classroom settings to a variety of learning-paced alternatives, Proficiency-Based Education frees both educators and students from the prison of time to the new world of student-based and student-paced education, dedicated to each and every student reaching clearly-articulated proficiencies and demonstrating understanding at one level before moving on the next.

Continue the journey of learning about proficiency-based education by listening to the first bonus episode of the Proficiency Ed podcast:

This site is a work in progress.  Please share additional resources that are missing so that this site can become an even more useful resource.

Help spread the word that, as the Oregon Education Roundtable says, “[p]roficiency-based assessment and instruction is the practice that can probably improve student learning the most and at the least cost.”


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