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August 7, 2013

Part of my day involves ed tech (educational technology).  While I’m not an expert in this ever-evolving world, I try to stay informed so that my school (and I) can do the best we can for our students.  I have been using an LMS (Learning Management System) for my seminars and activities, and traveled to finalsite University in June just to learn more about their new LMS.

But hold on, maybe you don’t know much about ed tech.  Today I found out that I don’t know as much as I thought.  I found a list of  24 Ed-Tech Terms That All Educators Should Know.

It was really good, and it was really helpful.  For example:

“2. Adaptive Learning. Software that adapts its content and pacing to the current knowledge level of the user, so it’s almost like having a personal tailor for your education.”  

I’ve seen this in action.  Adaptive testing rapidly takes a student up from level to level and quickly settles on the level the student has mastered, without having the student do lots of boring, easy problems, or frustrating and impossible ones.  “Adaptive” rejects the “one size, fits all” category.

More importantly, this is a short, simple definition.  If you read all 24 ed tech terms, you will know a lot about the field, and will immediately see where your (or your child’s) school is doing well, and where the gaps are.

The list above is a text list in a blog I found.  It is also available in infographic format.

You can’t really think about education today if you aren’t familiar with at least this list of words and concepts.  Hope this helps!

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