I was on Oregon Public Broadcasting this morning.

February 28, 2012

As noted in an earlier blog, I am the volunteer executive director of the Oregon Federation of Independent Schools.   This morning, I was on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Think Out Loud on a forty-five minute segment “Choosing A School”, asking why parents are choosing the private school option, etc.  The site with links

(including a link to Delphian) and a podcast connection for listening

and downloading is at:



This show created quite a buzz, with lots of comments being posted at

the website.  Folks were really worked up about the state of their public schools, and opinions on the whole topic varied widely.  The show’s host said this is clearly a hot topic and one that may be the topic of future shows.

I would tell you more about it, but early Thursday morning I’m taking 32 students on a ten-day Business Seminar Field Trip to southern California and I have a few things to do before we go!

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