The Power of Teachers Unions

July 1, 2011

Many people ask me about the power and influence of teachers unions. My friend Ron Reynolds heads up the California Association of Private School Organizations. In this week’s Mid-Week Mailer he discussed the upcoming national six-day event – the National Education Association’s Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly. Without further comment, I quote the following from his newsletter:


“To obtain some sense of the political muscle possessed by the NEA and its state affiliates, take a quick look at this table showing revenue and staff information for 2008-09. In that year, combined revenues received by the NEA and its affiliates amounted to a staggering $1.5 billion dollars. That billion, with a “B.” NEA headquarters in Washington, DC, employed a staff of 676 people. By way of comparison, although 10 percent of all students in grades K-12 receive their education in private schools, the Council for American Private Education maintains a staff of two.


The NEA’s California state affiliate, the California Teachers Association, received nearly $179 million in dues revenue in 2008-09, and employed a staff of 597.” [The Oregon Education Association received more than $22 million in the same year.]


Find your state on the list and ask yourself the same question.

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