The Question Was Better Than The Answer

July 1, 2011

Recently eSchool News asked its readers, ‘What’s one question you’d like to ask U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan?’ The U.S. Department of Education asked eSchool news to choose five reader questions for Secretary Duncan to address. The first question they published today was great!


“Why do we keep trying to solve the problems of public education by continuing to do what is contradictory to what we know about how children learn? Children all develop cognitively, as well as physically, at different rates of speed. Yet, in the classroom we insist that all children of a particular age should complete and learn skills and content for a grade level within a nine-month time frame. We would never expect them to all grow at the same rate physically and weigh the same and be the same height. Why do we expect them to all grow at the same rate cognitively? This basic foundation of public education is creating the problems and producing dropouts.”


Do you have an answer?

Posted by marks on Friday July 1, 2011 at 03:48PM

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